Thursday, May 18, 2023

 Function, Art, Objects & Zen

Twelve years in business and still bringing beauty, quality and style to the valley. 

I'm blessed to be offering a rare 24k gold-plated German-engineered teaching skelton created by Emmy nominated set decorator Marcia Zia-Priven and Paul Privon for a showcase in LA.  This skelton is 'the original' and was the inspiration for the 'light-headed', limited edition skelton lamps found in Beverly Hills designer showcases and design fairs. 

Also on the floor is the Odobe Oasis Living Waterfall by Ashland artist Phil Mikkelson.  

Another incredible piece is an original 1960's Knoll Bertoia Bird Chair.  It was originally blue but over the years was reupholstered by Knoll in the red/orange fabric seen in the photo.  It's a statement piece with incredible lines and designed to sit in for long periods of time.

What else is there? you ask.  Well, those venturing down 4th Street are greeted by a 1940's refurbished Tri-shaw from Penang, Malaysia.  It has the original gas lanterns, paper bamboo umbrella, teak, re-chromed hand-formed aluminum fenders and much more.  Once the brake is repaired we'll be riding up and down the street until it's ridden off into the sunset.

Lastly, the backyard is full of new and used outdoor furniture and garden accessiries.  From Fermob, we have the Bistro, Luxembourg, Sixties collections, and the new Surprising Rocking chairs plus more.  

We're open 7 days a week.  Monday-Saturday 10ish - 5ish and Sunday & Monday noon - 4pm.  Inventory rotates in and out so whenever you visit there will always be interesting, and unique finds.

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