Friday, February 9, 2024

 Wintering in February

My favorite new word of the day is 'wintering'.  It was coined by Katherine May, a UK book author of fiction and memoirs, who explores the restorative power of rest and slowing down whether dealing with a life crisis, grief or the beautiful winter season itself.  Her memoir, 'Withering', (4.4/5 w/6377 reviews) could be a perfect book to curl up with as we move through these next couple of weeks of winter. It came out in 2020 so you can probably pick up a copy at a used book store near you.

While many of you are taking advantage of the quiet I'm working away at Revive cleaning, rearranging and displaying some very cool new items.  Here is a little peek:

Maine Cottage 60" Della Round Table with 6 x New Windsor Chairs
Made in the USA 

Vintage 3'x5' 1946 Nesbitt Orange Soda Advertisement Sign

Antique leaded glass windows with copper fleur de lis trim. 
These came out of a house built in the 1800's in Upstate New York.

Hope to see you soon!

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