Q: How much will I receive when my item sells?
A: We operate on a 50/50 split, meaning that you will receive a check for 50% of the final sale.

Q: When will I be paid?
A: Consignment checks are written at the end of every month.

Q: How will I be paid?
A: You may decide to accept payment by mail or pick it up in-store.
We will create a consignor file for you once we except your first item. In it you will be asked your preference. Your check(s) will only be available by the one chosen method. You are welcome to change your method at any time, however, it will take until your next payment to  update.

Q: How is the sales price established?
A: With careful research! We take into account the condition, quality, manufacturer, style and demand of the item.  We can give you our upfront estimate before your items is accepted, however,  until the item is in our store we won't be giving a final appraisal of the item.

Q: Can I price my own merchandise?
A: Recommendations are welcomed. We promise to take into consideration your best interest and ours while establishing a fair price.

Q: Why do you require pre-approval of items?
A: Unfortunately we can't accept everything - that is why our customers shop here. We edit items to fit the look and feel of Revive. Ultimately this helps generate sales for the consignor. Through the editing process we aim to reduce travel and lifting of items that aren't seen as a good fit for the store.

Q: Can you clean, repair, or refinish my consignment item?
A: Consignment items are sold as is. We expect items to be clean of dust at the time of delivery. However, if we agree that repairing and refinishing a piece will increase the appeal and value of an item, ultimately giving it new life, we will offer you an upfront fair price payment for the item in its present condition.

Q: Do you pickup and deliver?
A: Sorry but we can't offer our services for pickups or deliveries. We have references we'd be happy to give you if you'd personally like to hire local movers.

Q: Can items be returned?
A: All consignment sales are final and new product purchases can be returned in 24 hours with receipt. *Note: We do allow items to be taken home (on approval) before final purchase is made. In this case, customers are allowed to take the merchandise home overnight after leaving full payment. If the customer decides against completing the purchase and returns it the following day, their cash payment or credit card information will be returned to them. If the customer does not return the item by closing the following day their payment will be processed.